Performant Roadside Assistance

The grand opening of Auto Expert Club brought on the auto service market in Moldova, a national premiere. It's about roadside assistance that includes the widest range of services, which are the following:

   - Evacuation of  the injured car;
   - Emergency Towing Service;
   - Start up of the engine from an alternative source;
   - Flat tire Assistance;
   - Fuel Supply;
   - Interventions on electrical system;
   - Lockout Assistance;
   - Fuse / bulbs replacement;
   - Computer Diagnostics;
   - Battery Service;
   - Coolant Delivery;
   - Plugs Replacement;
   - Help in case of accident;
   - Commissioner of damage;
   - Emergency Transportation Service;
   - Accident Management;
   - Providing a car for 24 hours;
   - Recovery of vehicle in places adjacent to public road.

Roadside service is provided by a mobile team of the Club, which have equipped cars with a modern diagnostic  equipment and other components necessary for maintaining the aforementioned services, depending on what subscription you purchased.

Club's roadside assistance, is a 24 hour service which aims to assure mobility for all motorists who had encountered to a technical damage or  an accident.